Monday, October 12, 2009

Our holiday stories

In the holidays I went to the movies. I went with my sister. We watched "Up." It was fun watching it. When the movie finished my dad picked me up and then I went home. When I got home I had lunch. Then me and my sister watched Hannah Montana. Then my mum came home from work. Then I played with my sister. We played teachers and my sister was the teacher and I was kid. Then I played outside and we played a ball game. It was fun.
by APM

In the holidays I went to the movies. I went with mum and dad. We watched "G force" and "Up" and "Aliens in the attic." It was very very fun. I went for a bike ride and then we ended up at the park. I played tag with my dad and he couldn't tag me. When I turned around my brother gave a fright because I didn't know he was there. Then I went on the monkey bars and I did a flip on it. When we were playing tag red things were the base and my brother was always getting tagged. I went on the swings and I went really high. I jumped off the swings and I went further than my brother. We had a race with my dad and brother, and in the race I won the race. I was doing a flip because I was really happy because I had won the race. My brother was cross. Then we went home and had lunch. When my dad had a rest I played with my cats. My cats were very very funny.
by M-C-A.

In the holidays I went to the movies to see "Shorts" and India came with me and my little brother Logan and my cousin Anna. The popcorn at the movie was so yummy and the butter on the popcorn was yummy too. I got to chose a drink. I chose coke. After the movies my cousin Anna said, "Can stay for 2 nights? My Mum said, "Yes." I said, "Yay, you are staying the night." By SH

In the holidays I went rock climbing in Panmure. There were special ropes. When we are at the top we let go and the ropes lower you down. I went on all of them. I climbed to the middle of all of them, except two. It was awesome.
by AE