Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our class story

Our class wrote this story together. We gave Mrs H the ideas and she wrote them down as we spoke. We did a chapter a day and then drew pictures for it. When we finished the book we took it home to read to our families.

The Three Little Rabbits
Chapter 1
Once upon a time there were 3 little rabbits. They liked playing in the back yard. They played in it every afternoon after school. They were called Flopsie, Smokey and Nibbles.
One day they saw a good place they wanted to play in, so they asked their mother and their mother said, “Yes, you can.” So they went into their neighbour’s garden and asked them if they could build a little house under the roots of the big tree. The neighbours came out to water the garden and let the little bunnies build their house.
While they were building their house they found a secret door. The door was colourful like a rainbow, and had rainbow stars around it. It had a red handle with green buttons that had letters on them. They didn’t know which buttons to press, so they looked around and found a carrot notebook. Nibbles looked in the book and found the word “carrots” so they tried pressing the letters on the buttons. The door creaked open and they saw a huge shiny rainbow on the other side.

Chapter 2
The bunnies bounced onto the rainbow and slid quickly down the shiny, colourful stripes. They landed with a bump on the back of a huge animal.
“What on earth is this?” squeaked Flopsie.
“I think it’s a T-Rex,” Nibbles replied. “We must have landed in dinosaur land!”
“No, it isn’t,” squeaked Smokey, “It has a long neck and doesn’t have great big, sharp teeth. I think it is a brontosaurus, because it has such a long neck. The brontosaurus turned around and said to the bunnies, “How on earth did you get on my back? Where did you come from?”
“We slid down a rainbow,” said the bunnies. “It must have been magic.”
Suddenly they heard a loud thundering sound coming from behind the trees. The brontosaurus started to shake. “Hold on tight, little bunnies,” shivered the brontosaurus. We have to get away from here because the T-Rex is coming.”

Chapter 3
The brontosaurus galloped on his huge legs towards a big volcano. The T-Rex chased after them roaring loudly as he ran. Then the brontosaurus came to a small cave in the hillside.
“Quick, jump off and hide inside the cave. The T-Rex can’t get you in there,” roared the brontosaurus. So the bunnies bounced off his back and quickly hid in the little cave. The brontosaurus guarded the entrance. Then the T-Rex came closer and closer, growling and roaring. He started to fight the brontosaurus. The brontosaurus whipped his huge tail backwards and forwards hitting the T-Rex very hard. The T-Rex fell down the volcano landing in a puddle of burning hot bubbling lava. That was the end of the T-Rex.

Chapter 4
Meanwhile, back in the cave the bunnies got bored of waiting, so they began to explore the cave. While they were exploring, Smokey spotted some tiny footprints leading down a long passage.
“Let’s follow the footprints,” whispered Nibbles.
“I’m scared of the dark,” shivered Flopsie in a very small voice. “Don’t worry. I’ve got a flashlight,” said Smokey.

Chapter 5
They followed the footprints along a long dark passage until they came to some dark steps that disappeared upwards.
“I wonder what is up those steps,” said Flopsie. “Shall we climb up to see?” “Yes, lets,” said Nibbles. The bunnies climbed up the long steep steps until they reached a small square, wooden door. They pushed it open and found they were in a new land. They saw a little elf in front of them.
Nibbles shyly said, “Hello, who are you.”
“My name is Freddy the Elf,” the Elf replied. “Who are you, and where did you come from?”
“We are bunnies, and our names are, Flopsie, Nibbles and Smokey. We came from dinosaur land,” said the bunnies altogether.
Freddy the Elf was wearing a bright green T-shirt with a large “F” on it.
“I really love your shirt,” said Smokey. “I wish I could have a red one with an “S” on it.”
“My mum makes these shirts,” said Freddy. “Would you like one?”
“Yes, please,” replied the bunnies together.
Freddy led the bunnies to his house inside a pretty little cave surrounded by vines and pretty white roses. Freddie’s Mum came to the entrance and said, “Who are your new friends?”
“These are my friends, Flopsie, Smokey and Nibbles. They would like a shirt like mine,” said Freddy.
Freddie’s Mum gave Smokey a red shirt with an “S” on it. She gave Flopsie a blue shirt with an “F” on it and Nibbles an orange shirt with an “N” on it. The bunnies all said thank-you and put them on.

Chapter 6
All of a sudden there was a trumpeting sound outside the cave. They all looked outside to see a big parade of soldiers.
“What’s going on?” said Flopsie.
“It’s the Queen’s birthday parade,” replied Freddie. Then a big coach came past with the beautiful Queen sitting on a colourful throne. They all went outside and waved to the Queen.
Just after she went by, a great big, green, scaly dragon swooped down and snatched up the Queen in his long sharp claws and flew up to the cave high up in the hillside.
“OH!!!!!!! What’s happened to the Queen? How are we going to save her?” cried all of the people.

Chapter 7
“Come on, let’s go and see if we can save the Queen,” yelled Freddie and the bunnies.
They set off towards the mountain. On the way they met a guy selling sharp swords. They bought a sword each and kept going towards the dragon’s cave. At last they reached the mouth of the cave. They waited outside for the dragon to come out, hiding behind some rocks.
They waited and waited and waited until the dragon fell asleep. Then they tiptoed into the dark cave so that they didn’t wake the dragon up. Smokey carefully turned on his flashlight. They could see the queen tied up and locked in a cage. Flopsie spotted a small, shiny key hanging on a hook near where the dragon was sleeping. She crept carefully past the sleeping dragon and took the key off the hook. Then they went and opened the cage. Nibbles used his sword to cut through the ropes that held the queen. They all tiptoed past the dragon and out of the cave.

Chapter 8
When they got out of the cave the Queen said them all, “Thank you for rescuing me. Will you come with me back to my castle with me, because I want to reward you?”
“Yes, we will come with you,” replied the bunnies and Freddie.
It took a long time to get back to the castle. While they were walking the bunnies told the Queen their names and where they had come from. They also said that they wanted to go back home.
“I know a wizard who can help you,” said the Queen. She led them up a long dark passage and up some creepy, winding stairs. At the top they came to glowing door which had Wizard written on a metal rectangular sign. The Queen knocked on the door and a kind voice said, “Come in.” They all went into the room and saw an old man with a white beard wearing a long blue cloak, with moons on it.
“How can I help you?” he said.
“These three bunnies would like you to help them get back home,” said the Queen.

Chapter 9
The wizard thought for a moment and then said, “I think I can help you. You must go through this special door. It is a teleporter which will take you back home. I will have to say some special words when you are all inside.”
The bunnies did what he told them and went through the door. They found themselves in a big room with the walls covered in sparkly diamonds and stars.
There were some blue seats and the bunnies sat down on them. All of a sudden there was a whirring, whining sound and everything started twirling and spinning faster and faster. Then it all stopped and everything was quiet.
Smokey and Nibbles said, “I hope we are in the right place and not in some other strange land.” They went to the door and opened it very slowly and carefully. Outside they saw their little house and the door they had gone through to have their adventures.
There Mum was there and gave them all a big hug. “I am glad you are back, because it is Christmas tomorrow and I have lots of presents under the tree for you.
The end.