Friday, August 28, 2009

Daffodil Day

Today was daffodil day at our school and around New Zealand. At our school we could buy a daffodil to pin on our clothes, a daffodil tattoo, or arm bands. The money raised will go to the cancer society to help in cancer research. Our school raised $900 today. Here are some photos of us with our tattoos, arm bands and daffodils. We also did daffodil art today.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hooking into Fairytales

Today was a great dressup day for us. We are beginning to study Nursery rhymes and traditional tales. We think we all looked great in our costumes. The teachers dressed up as well. We had a shared morning tea at the end of our parade. It was a really fun morning.

Monday, August 24, 2009

We Love the Tashi stories

We have been reading the Tashi stories written by Anna Fienberg and Barbara Fienberg. The children love the stories and many of them have been writing lots of their own Tashi stories or retelling them.

This story is LH's story.

One day Tashi went to see the magic bell, but the magic bell was not there. The pirates stole the bell. So Tashi ran and ran and ran, but it was too late. He fell in the water. Tashi swam fast and finally made it. He got the magic bell and then swam back to the little bridge. Tashi put the bell back and when everyone woke up, everyone threw Tashi up in the air. He was happy. Everyone said, "Hip Hip Hooray!" Everyone said, "Goodbye," and Tashi went home and told Jack what he did.

Friday, August 21, 2009

We write great stories too.

Kite Flying
In the holidays I went on the luge. I went with my Mum and Dad, Dawn and Ruth. We raced. It was fun. In the holiday we also went to fly kites with our Mum. She took us down to the park. I dropped my kite string and it went off and I had to run after it. It went up a tree. I had to keep on running and I went on and on and on and on until it got stuck on a branch. My Mum had to ring my Dad up. He came fast. We tried everything and Dad said, " I will go home and make a long stick to pull it down. By RT

Max and the Volcano
Once there was a baby called Max One day his Mum and dad took him to a mountain but they took him to the wrong mountain. They took him to a volcano. His Mum and Dad stayed in the car for a minute and didn't come out. The volcano blasted Max off to Australia. His Mum and Dad came out of the car. They climbed the mountain but they didn't see Max on the mountain. They started to look for him. They looked everywhere but they didn't find him. They started to cry. In Australia, Baby Max climbed a mountain. He didn't know that he was climbing another volcano. He climbed to the top. Then the volcano blasted him off to his Mum and Dad. They stopped crying. When they came home it was the baby's birthday. Max had a volcano birthday cake.

Baby Tricks
Suddenly a baby popped out of his room, and looked under the mat in the dining room. Under the mat was a treasure map. The baby went out the green door and followed the map. When he got the treasure box he lifted the lid up and in the treasure box was lipstick, a wig and make-up. Then the baby dressed up in all of the things that were in the treasure box. When he was in all of the make-up he went to his aunty's house and knocked on her red door. His auntie came to the door. His auntie said, "How are you, little girl?" "I am not a little girl. I'm a boy, see." And he took off all of his makeup. His auntie was shocked. She said, "You frightened me." The baby said "let's go to the zoo."

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Maths Week Activities

Last week was Maths week and we spent the week doing all sort of different maths activities.
These are some of the activities we did:
  • using unifix to make a robot shape then plotting it on graph paper.

  • Weighing teddybears

  • graphing the different fastening on shoes

  • making number caterpillars where we had to know about odd and even numbers as well as being able to halve numbers.

  • playing number games online using the mimio
  • measuring around the "puddles" with giant feet that Mrs H drew on the playground with chalk.
  • had fun drawing a face using glyphs

  • We also had "The world of Maths" come to visit the school and we did really cool maths activities in the hall. Some of our mum's came to help us.

    Maths week was really fun and we all enjoyed it. Look out for some "vocaroo" reflections of maths week from us soon!!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Making peg-doll people

Today we made peg doll people.
We needed wooden clothes pegs, fabric, string or wool, pipe cleaners, PVA glue, scissors and a black marker pen.
This is how we made them.
First we drew the face on the peg with the marker pen. Next we twisted the pipe-cleaner around the peg and that made the arms.
Then we chose some fabric for the clothes. To keep the clothes on we wrapped the string around the peg and the fabric. We tied the wool into a knot. Some people were very good at tying knots and other people learnt how to tie knots. We put some PVA glue on the head and struggled to glue the hair on.
N.L drew a helmet on his Darth Vader. It was quite fiddly to make but it was fun. we had some photos taken of our peg people.
We are proud of our efforts.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Flying our Kites

As part of our learning about toys, the children made fish kites and flew them in the school playground. We had loads of fun and we think our kites looked fantastic.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Making a Venn diagram about our favourite toys

In the slide show below the children worked on a Venn diagram to show which toys they liked.