Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our Billy Goat Gruff land maps

We have been making maps of Biily Goats Gruffland. We had to put in things that were in the map key. The maps have the trolls river and the bridge, as well as the grassy hillside and the bare hillside. We also put in a path, a road, trees and houses. The maps were fun to make.


  1. I like when we did the three Billy Goat Gruff Map key.


  2. I really liked doing the three Billy Goats Gruff land map.

  3. I love doing the three billy goats gruff land was sooooooo much fun that i want to do it again.


  4. Hi Room 2
    Your maps are so cool and it looks like you worked so hard on them! Have you displayed them on the walls in your class? I would love to come and see them one day.

  5. I liked the billy goat map. I love
    it in ROOM 2. By NL

  6. Hi Room 2.

    We have enjoyed looking at your maps. we have looked at the key to tell us the different parts you drew. We have also have enjoyed listening to the audio pals. We have a class blog too and we are a class of year 2 children like you.
    From Room 15 Sunnybrae Normal School

  7. cool map what are you going to do with them?
    awesome blog!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. i love your billy goats maps i like like it soooooooooo much i look at it so much. room 2 ithink you relly rock.

  9. i like your maps it is soooooooooooooooooooooooo cool. what are you going to with it ? are you going to do a nother one ? i shold make one to. if i make one i will give one to my sister and one to my brother .i think my sister will give one to my mum.

  10. Hi room 2.Your maps look awesome.


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