Sunday, August 16, 2009

Maths Week Activities

Last week was Maths week and we spent the week doing all sort of different maths activities.
These are some of the activities we did:
  • using unifix to make a robot shape then plotting it on graph paper.

  • Weighing teddybears

  • graphing the different fastening on shoes

  • making number caterpillars where we had to know about odd and even numbers as well as being able to halve numbers.

  • playing number games online using the mimio
  • measuring around the "puddles" with giant feet that Mrs H drew on the playground with chalk.
  • had fun drawing a face using glyphs

  • We also had "The world of Maths" come to visit the school and we did really cool maths activities in the hall. Some of our mum's came to help us.

    Maths week was really fun and we all enjoyed it. Look out for some "vocaroo" reflections of maths week from us soon!!!!


  1. Thank you for showing me your blog Rhea its very good ,i love it when we learn together Dad

  2. It looks like you did lots of exciting maths activities Room 2. I really like your unifix robot idea. I think I might try that with my class but they can make a type of transport because that is what we are learning about this term. I'll pop back to check out your Vocaroo reflections soon.


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