Friday, August 7, 2009

Making peg-doll people

Today we made peg doll people.
We needed wooden clothes pegs, fabric, string or wool, pipe cleaners, PVA glue, scissors and a black marker pen.
This is how we made them.
First we drew the face on the peg with the marker pen. Next we twisted the pipe-cleaner around the peg and that made the arms.
Then we chose some fabric for the clothes. To keep the clothes on we wrapped the string around the peg and the fabric. We tied the wool into a knot. Some people were very good at tying knots and other people learnt how to tie knots. We put some PVA glue on the head and struggled to glue the hair on.
N.L drew a helmet on his Darth Vader. It was quite fiddly to make but it was fun. we had some photos taken of our peg people.
We are proud of our efforts.


  1. I can see you all had heaps of fun making your peg people! I wish I could have joined in too as I would have made one dressed in red because it's my favourite colour. It sounds like gluing on the hair was very tricky - what was the best part do you think?

  2. Room 2 I think your peg people are very special and I can see by the photos how hard you worked to create them. I also love the way I can see you all working together and helping each other. I think I would have made one dressed in pink because that's my favourite colour, but I would have got very messy trying to glue the hair on. I wonder will we have a parade of peg people?

  3. Amazing work Room 2! I like how peg people can be pretty with hot pink skirts and dresses or very cool with black capes. You are so clever with your creations, well done!

  4. I loved making the peg dolls and Ilove the work we have been doing. I hope we do some more fun stuff this week .From Rhea

  5. Hi room 2 I love the kite video and the slide show. From Samuel and Luke


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