Monday, August 24, 2009

We Love the Tashi stories

We have been reading the Tashi stories written by Anna Fienberg and Barbara Fienberg. The children love the stories and many of them have been writing lots of their own Tashi stories or retelling them.

This story is LH's story.

One day Tashi went to see the magic bell, but the magic bell was not there. The pirates stole the bell. So Tashi ran and ran and ran, but it was too late. He fell in the water. Tashi swam fast and finally made it. He got the magic bell and then swam back to the little bridge. Tashi put the bell back and when everyone woke up, everyone threw Tashi up in the air. He was happy. Everyone said, "Hip Hip Hooray!" Everyone said, "Goodbye," and Tashi went home and told Jack what he did.


  1. Wow, L - what awesome writing. You have become a fantastic author. I am looking forward to reading more of your stories about Tashi.
    From Mrs Keown

  2. Wow love the story LH!

  3. Hi Lathan - we are all so proud to see your story on your class blog. The Tashi stories sound so fun and exciting, and it is really great to see your love for reading and writing go from strength to strengh, well done.

    Ulia Ehrensperger (Oma)


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