Friday, August 21, 2009

We write great stories too.

Kite Flying
In the holidays I went on the luge. I went with my Mum and Dad, Dawn and Ruth. We raced. It was fun. In the holiday we also went to fly kites with our Mum. She took us down to the park. I dropped my kite string and it went off and I had to run after it. It went up a tree. I had to keep on running and I went on and on and on and on until it got stuck on a branch. My Mum had to ring my Dad up. He came fast. We tried everything and Dad said, " I will go home and make a long stick to pull it down. By RT

Max and the Volcano
Once there was a baby called Max One day his Mum and dad took him to a mountain but they took him to the wrong mountain. They took him to a volcano. His Mum and Dad stayed in the car for a minute and didn't come out. The volcano blasted Max off to Australia. His Mum and Dad came out of the car. They climbed the mountain but they didn't see Max on the mountain. They started to look for him. They looked everywhere but they didn't find him. They started to cry. In Australia, Baby Max climbed a mountain. He didn't know that he was climbing another volcano. He climbed to the top. Then the volcano blasted him off to his Mum and Dad. They stopped crying. When they came home it was the baby's birthday. Max had a volcano birthday cake.

Baby Tricks
Suddenly a baby popped out of his room, and looked under the mat in the dining room. Under the mat was a treasure map. The baby went out the green door and followed the map. When he got the treasure box he lifted the lid up and in the treasure box was lipstick, a wig and make-up. Then the baby dressed up in all of the things that were in the treasure box. When he was in all of the make-up he went to his aunty's house and knocked on her red door. His auntie came to the door. His auntie said, "How are you, little girl?" "I am not a little girl. I'm a boy, see." And he took off all of his makeup. His auntie was shocked. She said, "You frightened me." The baby said "let's go to the zoo."


  1. Dear Room 2,
    We loved the story about the baby who put on make-up. It was so funny because he was really a boy! We liked the volcano story because we had never heard of a baby that flies out of a volcano before. We think your robot is very funny because he can talk!
    We love your blog!
    Love from everyone in Room 9

  2. WOW, Room 2 you are all such amazing writers. Your stories are very descriptive and so interesting to read.

  3. I loved doing the phonics mat it was fun and helps me learn how to spell.


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